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Versus VS 3078 yellow



Číslo produktu: VS307803
Výrobce: Versus
běžná cena 1 788 Kč (73 EUR)
naše cena bez DPH : 1 330 Kč (55 EUR)
naše cena s DPH (21 %):
1 609 Kč (66 EUR)

do košíku:
Hlídací pes
The body is made of impact-resistant polymer. The cover is made of very tough and durable. Hinges and lock rings are made of highly corrosion resistant stainless steel to ensure durability. Mikrožebrování allows you to utilize every bit of space. The baffles may be reconfigured in many different variations. Securing the lid lock prevents accidental opening at the top of the latch. The upper part has side vents. On both sides of the bracket or clamp Pean. It is shaped so that it can be used when a suitcase Placing or even stand. At the bottom are anti-slip rubber. Suitcase will hold it in place during use of the ship. At the bottom of the suitcase handle with protection against opening. If you lock locks the suitcase handle when carrying it will not allow its opening (the fuse is not designed for everyday wear, make sure therefore that the locks were always closed).
The ability to embed a box type SFC LL, L SFC, WG 9 WP 3 VSM126571, VS 820ND and NDM.
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Hlídací pes
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